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Holiday Saving Blog
                December is here and with that comes the excitement of gift giving, holiday parties, and decorations. It’s also a time when many of us feel financially stressed to make holiday wishes come true. If you fall into the financially stressed category you may be feeling frustrated for not saving for this moment like you promised yourself last year… and the year before. But don’t stress! I have some tips to help you get through the holidays. Paying for it all You have less than 22 days to get all of your shopping done. If you haven’t saved for the occasion, you may be doing what many of us do, paying by credit card. If you’re being charged a high interest rate for purchases you make, you may want to apply for a low rate credit card from AMOCO. The card offers a low introductory rate and you never have to worry about paying an annual fee or over limit fees. If you’re worried about not getting an AMOCO credit card fast enough, go ahead and apply. Once the car…

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