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Patricia Marquise Retirement

Patricia Marquise

      AMOCO FCU’s core values and mantra are built solely around their members and making sure they are served at the highest standard. AMOCO has been able to do this because of their employees. Patricia Marquise is a perfect example of what AMOCO stands for. She has dedicated over 40 years to AMOCO FCU, and has watched it grow from a one branch credit union to a multi-branch institution. In those 40 years, she was able to take vacations with her family, send her kids to college, work at a place she loves and be around members that inspired her.  At work, she played a large role in member’s lives by helping them build credit and gain financial strength. Two of her biggest accomplishments throughout her career has been providing for her family the best she could, and educating her kids about the importance of being financially responsible.      ThroughoutPatricia’s time with AMOCO, she formed close bonds with her co-workers and developed memories that will last her a li…

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