Friday, September 29, 2017

Happy Fall!

Hooray, we’ve finally made it to fall! This means we can start to breathe again now that the Texas heat will start to subside a little bit! (One could only hope, right?). Fall is my favorite time of the year because of the holidays and the activities that I can do with my family. It’s also a time for me to start recapping my year, which by the way is almost over! For me, it’s all about spending more time doing the things that make me happy with the people I’m closest too. I’ve compiled a bucket list of fun fall ideas that you can do with your family and friends this season!

Visit a pumpkin patch- Easy and free quality time with your family. Plus an easy way to get some new family pics in as well. You can get one pumpkin for the family to carve or get everyone their own and have your own contest!

Fall Festivals/Craft Shows- Fall is the best time of year to shop outside without breaking a sweat. Craft shows always have cute decorations and things that would make for great Christmas and birthday gifts. Fall festivals always have lots of activities for you and your family as well as good eats. And they’re usually free to go to!

Oktober Fest- If you’re looking for a fun night out with friends this fall, this could be a perfect thing for you! Usually starts at the end of September and ends in early October.  In Pearland, at King’s Biergarten, the festival runs from October 6-8 and again from the 20th-22nd. Galveston Island is also hosting a festival on October 28. Check where your closest festival is being held and grab some friends and go enjoy a much needed night out!

Throw a Halloween party- Have a memorable night with friends and family by hosting a Halloween Party. You can’t go wrong with dressing up and eating Halloween themed foods! To save money, have a pot luck and ask guests to bring their favorite dish. There is a good chance you’ve become really acquainted with your neighbors since Harvey, so another great option is to coordinate a Halloween block party. Call your neighbors and invite them to join the fun, it’s time to plan your Halloween bash!

Cleaning out our closets- With summer coming to a close we can start to pack up those clothes and move in some of our fall clothes. While doing this, we can look at things that we no longer wear anymore and make a pile to donate. Cleaning out your closets cuts down on clutter and makes more room in your storage!

Haunted Houses- Yes, we still pay to get the life scared out of us. But that’s what makes it fun! There are so many haunted houses in our area and some that are family friendly as well! Some do charge an entry fee. Whether you use it as a date night, or family night out it always makes for a good spook.

                Sit back and sip some apple cider, there’s endless things we can do with our friends and family this fall. Find who and what you’re thankful for this season and spend more time focusing on that. Happy Fall y’all!

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