Friday, February 2, 2018

Cyndi Hopkins Retirement

Cyndi Hopkins

       When describing AMOCO’s employees you may say that they are dedicated, patient and kind. Cyndi Hopkins is nothing short of that. Cyndi first walked through AMOCO’s doors when she was 28 years old. At the time, AMOCO only had one branch in Texas City with less than 20 employees serving 13,000 members. Early on, Cyndi and her coworkers formed a close bond. Together they created an all-girl Credit Union Barbeque team and called themselves the “CUB’s.” Though Cyndi shared a close bond with her co-workers, she didn’t anticipate working at AMOCO for long. Though Cyndi shared a close bond with her co-workers, she didn’t anticipate working at AMOCO for long. “I didn’t expect this to be my forever job. I was just going to work for a couple of years until I decided what I was going to do. I went through a divorce which put me in a situation to be the sole provider for my son. Shortly after, I made the decision to learn as much as I could and be the best that I could be at AMOCO. After a year, I knew this is what I wanted to do.”
     Cyndi takes pride in the relationships she has formed with members and co-workers. I am blessed to have worked with so many great employees. They are a big reason why I have loved working at AMOCO. I consider all of them “my sunshine’s.” Through her leadership and hard work, Cyndi became Vice President of Operations in 1993. “A lot of people played a large role in where I am today. Mr. Ballis, Thea Choate, Dot Bradford, Pat Mcdonald, Marie Nash, Madeline Hubbard and of course Shawn Bailey. Each of them helped me in my career, encouraged me to get to where I am today and taught me something about myself.” It’s no secret Cyndi strives to share her knowledge to educate the people around her every chance she gets. She is passionate about helping members and building relationships. “I appreciate being able to help our members through tough financial situations. My goal was to treat everyone with compassion and respect and to make sure they knew I was there to help. Although I’m retiring, I still plan to check-in with my long time members who most of my coworkers refer to as Friends of Cyndi.”

     As much as Cyndi has enjoyed working for AMOCO, she told me it wasn’t always easy. “Like any job there are hard days. A day that sticks out to me is 9-11. It was a tragic day for our nation and everyone at AMOCO. We all came together giving comfort and reassurance to one another. We have always been ordinary people helping people. Through hurricanes, floods, and, ice-storms, the employees at AMOCO are special, they are giving and compassionate. When someone is ill or loses a family member they show love. This is why we know that our credit union is here for us.” AMOCO goes above and beyond for its members and employees. Her plans after retirement are simple. To travel, spend time with her wonderful grandbabies and to sleep in when it’s raining outside.

    “I am so blessed to have walked into the lobby of Texas City over 35 years ago. I have so many memories with AMOCO. One of my favorites was at our Christmas parties dancing to Greek music at Gaidos with Mr. Ballis and his wife, Olga. We had a lot of wonderful parties, picnics and trips that AMOCO sponsored for us and our families. I’ve been shown so much love from co-workers and members through the good and bad times. I want all of my co-workers to know if you stay true to yourself and give your job 100%, you will have a great career with AMOCO. When I’m gone I hope that people will remember me with a smile and good heart.” Thank you Cyndi for 35 years of incredible dedication and love that you’ve shared with your AMOCO family. You will undoubtedly be missed!

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