Friday, February 2, 2018

Patricia Marquise Retirement

Patricia Marquise

      AMOCO FCU’s core values and mantra are built solely around their members and making sure they are served at the highest standard. AMOCO has been able to do this because of their employees. Patricia Marquise is a perfect example of what AMOCO stands for. She has dedicated over 40 years to AMOCO FCU, and has watched it grow from a one branch credit union to a multi-branch institution. In those 40 years, she was able to take vacations with her family, send her kids to college, work at a place she loves and be around members that inspired her.  At work, she played a large role in member’s lives by helping them build credit and gain financial strength. Two of her biggest accomplishments throughout her career has been providing for her family the best she could, and educating her kids about the importance of being financially responsible.
     Throughout Patricia’s time with AMOCO, she formed close bonds with her co-workers and developed memories that will last her a lifetime. “I have so many great memories with AMOCO. Developing a lasting friendship with Thea Choate has been one of my favorite parts of working here. She is an excellent mentor and a very intelligent individual. When Thea became Chief Operations Officer, she formed the Operations team. The team was comprised of Thea Choate, Cyndi Hopkins, Madeline Hubbard, Ashley Carner and myself. Thea’s leadership reminds me so much of her late father, Mr. Ballis. He taught us the true meaning of a credit union. We used his wisdom to serve our members and to do the best we could for our employees. I think we did that.”  Another fond memory, Patricia shared was her daily afternoon coffee breaks with her dearest friend at AMOCO, Nikki Curtis. “Nikki and I were always so busy helping members. We never had time to communicate during the day, but we always seemed to end up in the break room at 3 PM for a cup of coffee. Over the years, our 3 PM coffee break became a tradition for us that I looked forward to. Nikki and I could always relate to working hard and I believe we inspired each other.” Like any job, some days aren’t always easy. On days where things became very hectic, Patricia stayed focused and determined.  Many employees have learned skills from Patricia and are thankful for her leadership. It’s clear that she wants all of her fellow co-workers to do well. It’s no secret how hard Patricia has worked over the years with her members and co-workers as it shows in all that she does with the credit union.

      “The members I served when I was 22 taught me about life. When I was 32, they helped me understand life. When I was 42, I was experiencing what they had experienced. When I was 52, I thought I knew all about life. Now that I am over 60, I am ready to live life without any regrets, just like my valued retired members. There’s nothing I would change about working at AMOCO. It has given me a career and helped raise my family. I can’t wait to travel, take better care of myself and enjoy life. It was a lifetime experience that was very rewarding and allowed me to grow and gain credit union knowledge, as well as the opportunity to grow personally.” Thank you Patricia for over 40 years of remarkable dedication to your members and AMOCO family. You will be missed dearly!

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