Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Andrea Risinger

Member of the Month- Andrea Risinger

“AMOCO has been my rock”
                Over 16 years ago, Andrea started her journey with AMOCO Federal Credit Union. Her late husband and his family first referred Andrea to AMOCO and she has continued her loyalty ever since. Andrea works at Marathon Galveston Bay Refinery in the accounting department. You can find her glued to the TV when Houston sports are playing, especially the Texans. Andrea mentioned that she’s very family oriented and loves to spend a lot of time with them.
                When Andrea’s husband passed, she became the full provider for herself and her daughter, Kaylynn. She turned to AMOCO in her tough times, but more specifically to Ann Ramos, our Texas City branch manager. “Ann handles all of my needs big or small. I know that if I pick up the phone to call her or send her an e-mail she will respond right back.” AMOCO has walked with Andrea on her journey, and will continue to do so for many years to come. She has referred many friends and family members to join AMOCO in the past and said she will continue in the future because of the loyalty and customer service that AMOCO has provided her with.
                “I would never go back to a bank, after being with AMOCO,” Andrea says. “I’ve been a member for over 16 years. I love how there are little to no fees and nothing is hidden in fine print. All of AMOCO’s employees are so nice and welcoming when I walk in. There’s always a smiling face. I’m thankful for my late husband, Chris, for encouraging me to join AMOCO years ago.”

Thank you Andrea, for being such a loyal member! 

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